Oase Copper Bowl with narrow spillway


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Product Overview

Copper Bowl Round 75

  • Elegant design highlight made from real copper, suitable for small and large gardens
  • These copper bowls offer a wide range of design options: choose between a round or a square design, with or without an outlet, and then choose where to put it for example by the terrace or as part of a pond landscape
  • The water inlet and cable bushing for the lighting (1 ½" each) are positioned at the base of the bowl, so they cannot be seen from the outside
  • Available with a pedestal for a waterfall installation consisting of two copper bowls
  • As it ages, copper forms its typical, attractive patina
  • Traces of copper, which is toxic to fish, can be passed into the water. Therefore, we do not recommend using the copper bowls in combination with fish.

Technical Details 


Length  660mm (circumference of bowl)

Width 838mm  (circumference of bowl including overflow)

Height 368mm

Overflow width 102mm

Guarantee 2 years 

Shown below with optional stand pedestal  piece

Recommended pump and reservoir

Oase Aquarius Universal Premium 4000 Pump

Oase 1260mm Diameter Reservoir

Optional extras to illuminate

LED Ring Light - warm white

Low Voltage Transformer 15VA, 12V DC

Cable sealing fitting for copper bowl water features


(No reviews yet) Write a Review